Post Exposure Prophylaxis

The Exposure

If you haven’t already read my “about” page, well, here is what happened:

On the 22nd of October 2016, I had a vaginal heterosexual condom break, with me being the insertive member. The breakage effectively left my entire penis head and shaft exposed. I have only ever experienced a condom breakage once in my life. When it happened again this time, I asked the lady (who is a friend of mine), when last she got tested and she said she doesn’t test often because her ex bf cheated on her a lot. This rang alarm bells in my head and I told her it’s best that we both go get tested just to make sure.

Myself and the lady (who is a friend of mine), promptly went and got tested and it was discovered that she was hiv+.

This led me to start a course of PEP (Atripla) 5 hours after my exposure. I completed the course diligently and with minor side effects (nausea and diarrhea).

I am still good friends with the lady and i am her main source of support during this turbulent time for her, as she is yet to inform her parents.


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