Post Exposure Prophylaxis

My last dose of PEP

Tonight I just took my last dose of Atripla. I was prescribed a 30 day course which i followed diligently and never missed a dose. I must say, I am feeling a mixture of emotions right now. For starters i’m relieved that I made it through (the nausea in the mornings was the worst). On the other hand, I’m pretty scared/anxious.

I’ve always been able to fall back onto the idea that by actively taking these pills for the last 30 days, I have a sense of control over my outcome. But now that I’ve completed my dosage, It all feels like a waiting game. I went for a rapid test a day ago to ease my mind (negative), but this means nothing as this is one month after my exposure and still during PEP.

Another thing keeping me feeling uneasy is this rash I have developed on my chin. It kind looks like a shaving rash but you never know. I’ll go to a dermatologist to get it checked out. On the day of my exposure my doctor assured me that she has never seen PEP fail and that I will be okay (and this is in South Africa, where I live). Although I want to believe her, all it takes is a google search to find a few cases where PEP has failed. Im afraid of being one of the unlucky ones.


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