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2 Weeks Post PEP


Another week and more forums that i’ve been banned from or warned for excessive posting. It’s starting to get frustrating. Everyone one says i’m over-reacting, and that I’ll be fine, but I find it difficult to get closure from words alone. This whole experience has showed me a whole new side of anxiety. Before this, all i would ever get anxious about were exams and presentations. You would never realize how much of a prison the mind can be. All i think about everyday is what if PEP didn’t work for me and I end up getting infected. Even when i’m around friends, I feel alone.

This week has been okay, I went to see the doctor regarding my swollen lymph node in my neck. She says its related to my sinuses as i have been having ear pain and post-nasal-dripping which leads to phlegm collecting in my throat…Obviously me being a hypochondriac, I keep thinking it is ARS. I took a rapid test today (2 weeks after finishing PEP) and it came back negative.


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